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A Rose by ANY other Name, is STILL Just a red beautifully smelling stunningly georgous thing, but, when the usually filthy use of the "?N?" word is properly applied, it's the most beautiful thing in the world, because, and Holy Cow ya gotta see that beautiful Service Animal, well, 

This is what "Nigger" looks like when he's guarding "MY" little angel, Bianca Noelle Clifton, (this is at my sink where I get my coffee - I"m kind of a coffee-aholic, nothin too fancy)  when she was dressed up for Halloween, and was all set and ready to go to visit Grandpa at his "FireHouse," to ride a Fire Truck in the city of Houston, Alaska, where he was the Mayor, yearly "Founder's Day Celebration," and spent most of his life serving HIS COUNTRY in the Army as far back as Vietnam, and was still actively on Base, and my little B's OWN Grammy and Grammy are CONTINUALLY DENIED HEALTH CARE BENEFITS? 

Not if Bianca ever get to stand next to CONGRESS WOMAN Mary on the stage of the UAA Williamson and talk about how, in her very OWN life, her Grammy didn't get the proper health care after, um, what? Well, I'll have an amazing young lady like little "B" calling for the Heads of whothefuckever to um what?

I've a beautiful little lesbian couple who live across the way, the Macho one, who's the most beautiful little Macho Stud little LADY who was jumping out of HILOCOPTEERS for the Army, and some stupid asshole, prolly a MAN, didn't do his hob right, and her chute didn't open up properly and she hurt her leg and now has to be ejected from the Army, but there giving that AMAZING LITTLE STUD-MUFFIN cute as hell, Let's just say, I'm a gonna get her little ass (she's MAYBE 19!) She's jumped MORE than MOST of the guys, and um, let's just say that SHE'S gonna really photograph well, and she speaks REALLY well for what the CONGRESS WOMAN goes after the US Military for not taking care of their OWN folks before, during, and after-deploy-ment?

I'm planning an all-out ASSAULT AGAINT THE US MILITARY.

I've PERSONALLY DONE a shit-TON of work for the "Wounded Warrior" foundation, AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL (the company I used to work for was part of the "World's Largest Military Training Extravaganza Expo (it's called I/ITSEC), in Orlando Every year, and well) and THAT "Wounded Warrior" SHIT AIN'T NEARLY ENOUGH TO . . .  

You have NO idea how well I can plan a photo op, or train folks to get every word out, ESPECIALLY if it's a GROUP of SASSY-ASS Women,

AND I "KNOW" Mary. We "grew up" under a tarp on the beach in the summers, a one-room cabin in the winters, and She (meaning Mary) is prolly just SICK AND effing tired of men, especially WHITE Men, trying to take advantage o........

. . . you have NO IDEA just how awesome at videography, editing, make-up, and, 

We'll have our own (meaning Mary, Vickie Novak, The EDUCATION DIRECTOR from Ouzinkie? My last hob? SHE's AMAZING! MORE THAN WELL SPOKEN and SASSY AS HELL.

It's be HALARIOUS. I mean, Madam Judge. Can I?

Pretty please? Do YOU have a pLaTforM YOU, as a bad-ass working WOMAN, yawp: ALL WOMEN HAVE A PLATFORM. 

All my girls r gonna get a YouTube Channel up in a matter of minutes, claiming All That is Holy?

Um, Mary? 

Mary Peltola? Yer gonna LOVE my bestest buddy VICKIE. I gots me a TON of women yer just absofuckinglylutely LOVE to meet in the Arts & Entertainment area. Wanna do some commercials with zest, vim, and a little VENOM?

Lisa M? You wanna do something FUN? Hmm?

Pretty Kitty GOT CLAWS?

What would YOU like to get off YOUR chest today?

Platform MUCH?   : )

Well, and I mean, and/also, my Bad-Ass Bitch of a Red-Haired Beauty, Tessa said that if I don't use the "C" word (meaning "C. U. Next. Tuesday") to mean "Asshole for WOMEN, and that "Bitches" mean "Dudes" for "Chicks," and well, I just cain't get used to using the word CUNT. Well, ok. It's just gonna be another one of those "Teachable Moments" I gots to get used to keep having with my own daughter, but, nope. I got nuthin. It's kinda fun now using the word CUNT to a woman, but I'd like to help some CUNTY BAD-ASS Bitches unleash some UNHOLY HELL against the US Military for not taking are of their humans for not REQUIRING A PSYCH EVAL for both "Pre" and "POST" trips to Afghanistan.

Did I mention I used to work Logistics for Pre-Deployment Special Ops Training for the Marine Corp? 

YEAH. PERSON STORY about my little "B" and her post-op Army Deployed, and everyone around him knew he was a little funny BEFORE HE WENT TO AFGANISTAN. 

HE was a RAGE monster when he came back, and my little B was afraid to tell me for fair too long because, she said, after faaar much too long that she knew that I'd kill him if she had told me what that filthy little low-life Vally dirt bag did to her, stalked her, and, WTF B? GRANdPA was STILL working on BASE?

I wasn't doing well in the world, since 2012 when I got a divorce, and uhm, 


Mary? I'm doing all yer work for free!!!

Got a message? 

I'll make you a super cool YouTube channel when yer good and #$%@ ready!

We're GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN kicking the ever loving shit out of the MEN around this planet, when yer good and ready.

Ima call Vickie and see how she's doing.

I called my Pretty Kitty Alice Lynn from NYC, ya know, the one from CATS? Cabaret who anyone? I just KNOW she'd just love to come back to Alaska, but her husband, Larry, a real-life BroadWAY Conductor doesn't have a single little thing on me, why, me, I had my own WEEKLY MUSICAL VARIETY SHOW AT THE DOWNTOWN SHERATON FOR YEEEAAARS BEFORE I met those little butt-fuckin' losers
 I just got over gettin' away from, but, and I know EVERONE we'd love to do another weekly musical variety show if I just could only ever get in touch with my cutie-pie lady - we'd do the musical comedy stuff and the idiot men would write a weekly that had something to do with whatever was up on the monitors in the hotel lounge, at that LOSER hotel, theSheraton? Beth? Fundraiser for Mary much, sweetie?

would sing "My Funny Valentine" to me, WAAAY "PRETTY KITTY" and then we'd follow it up with a DUET FUCKING HILAROUS COMEDY song titled "How can you believe me when I say I love you 'cause you KNOW I've been a LIAR ALL MY LIFE?"

Want a re-do, honey?

Beth? Wanna go make some money for Mary?

IN front of a thousand at the UAA Williamson Auditorium this time baby? You were ALWAYS just way too talented for that shittly little dive-bar anyway, weren't you honey?

I mean, and I mean IN ADDITION to all of the absolutely wonderful things I got planned for these wonderful LADIES, Ima get that fine-ass beautiful and majestic white lady Lisa Murkowski in the right clothes and make up to INSTANTLY take off YEARS off her face, but, I accidentally on-purpose figured out a speality magicy-wagicy way to take years off the "Special Ladies" and NOT EVER the "Gentlemen" to "as if my MAGIC itself to lift, firm, and hydrate that beautiful thinning white skin of hers (it involves a couple little machines that "tingle" with Neon and Argon, and a few special serums, one has snail mucin, fabulous Korean stuff etc.), as long as she goes along with the "RUSE" that's its ONLY because yer drinking more water, because, you fine-ass white bitch, yer gonna be going to go on camera for our "Mother Goose" page for all Teachers and children to remember to drink a butt-fucking TON more water, because about 75% percent of all ALL AMERICANS, and say, wouldn't your script be something like, "Mary, you know, I just realized just a while back, when this big stupid idiot reminded me to drink more, WTF? WATER? that there's some places in the WORLD WHERE THERE'S CHILDREN WITHOUT ENOUGH WATER TO EVEN DRINK, and I've got so very much, and there's just waaay too many others on EARTH with out enough, that, Well, "Mary," should WE GET MORE GIRLS INTO BEING ROCKET SCIENTISTS SO they, not the MEN of course, because well, if THEY could do it, well, it'd MOST assuredly ALREADY BEEN DONE, but, what the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks, Mary? Is that SMOKE COMING OUT FROM BEHIND the barn again? Are those BOYS yet again, lightning their FARTS on fire, Mary? 

"We need GIRLS in SCIENCE to figure out mo better ways to get even GOOD DRINKING WATER on Earth, and ya, "Go MOTHER GOOSE"
Children's Theatre website page for Teachers, well, if only I co . . . "

"If ya wanna Be somebody?"



Sister Act: Pay AttentionGIRLS EVERYWHERE
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Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 2.36.02 AM.png

"Uncle Mikey" is the "Instant Replacement Father" for my beautiful two daughters, at any age, any time. And they barely even know him, he's been gone so long, and it's been so very long since I've been anything other than just a very thin veneer of a human I wished for so very long I could go back to 2012 and just walk off a building rather than put my own beautiful to daughters through what I EVEN KNEW what they had being through.

But, they are both still alive, and that's really all that has eve really mattered to me. Thank you, Jesus - it wasn't by anything I ever did.

Mr. "Joshie McFannon," my "Replacement "Little Brother" "Ralphie" has been a better father to my T&B than me. And he has no idea just how much it means to me that he EVEN REMEMBERED what was always should have been a "VERY" thin brainiac, "Little Ralphie." I wasn't there to protect "Ralphie" after I left home when he was nine or so. He never recovered.

BTW, ANYONE ON EARTH can see that Mr. Joshua Fannon is the very closest thing to a LIVING ANGEL as soon as you lay eyes on him, and I have ALWAYS have the gift of "Sight" from my Heavenly Father: If you look at his pic - I don't know if YOU CAN see it, but this poopie-head McNugget is quite OBVIOUSLY and ANGEL. He literally "GLOWS" in his, this AMAZINGLY PERFECT PHOT, doesn't he? 

I've sent a couple folks "Joshies" way since he helped my and my family, who didn't deserve even a single dollar,

"Ralphie" died (on the inside) after many years' of overdosing on steroids, and I had to throw a metal storage container at his head, and it went clean through to the outside of our house when "Ralphie" showed up to kill my little girl, the red-haired one because 

Well he showed up at our door and made an IMMEDIATE BEELINE to our little Tessa, and Jean (my ex) started screaming almost as soon as she laid eyes on him

I keep testing "Ralphie" to see if he can even remember anything - and seriously how CAN YOU NOT remember something like your favorite 


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Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.31.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.31.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.32.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.33.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.31.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 12.38.47 AM.png

"Joshie McFannon," is FAMILY - if you ever need ANY help at all, call him.

I told a VET that had been having a TON of trouble with his boss, and that VET dude was a GREAT sweetheart of a dude, but he was extremely injured but still having to work to support many of his relative - which is ok, but NOT - but when I found out HE COULDN'T EVEN PLAY HIS GUITAR ANYMORE - I practically came unglued. 

There was another guy (the one I gave money to with "green" sunglasses on, who was apparently "left for dead" after a hit and run on 36Th, to at least just give Mr. Fannon a CALL - and remind him that my Momma baked his brother's wedding cake, and that, and that - just by the very fact that he EVEN knew my little brother Ralphie might mean that some day I won't have to kill him. 

Just by the fact that he even remembers my little brother Ralphie might mean that I won't one day have to go to Arizona and kill him anyway by slinging a bullet half-way across the parking lot just for fun - and most especially becuase he cain't even remember that I threw a knife at the back of his head (and my "Mommy," Mrs. Carol Clifton - NOW THAT RAGING BITCH COULD THROW a GDMF knife. Usually at my dickless daddy . . .

Just BECAUSE Mr. "Joshie" McFannon (my Mom remembers him from when he was young, and she baked HIS brother wedding cake!

YOU don't understand: my  Mammy was good at a ton of things, but the one thing she was absolutely terrible at was spreading frosting on a cake. Not too long after my dickless daddy died, she took a few "lessons" and she started making the MOST ELABORATE 6-9 WEDDING cakes in town - she call her business "Frosting on the Cake." It was a "GIFT" from Our Heavenly Father so she could make money after that asshole father (shown, above, lying his GDMF self to the greave. Heh)

Those two things together - the "cake" and my brother, that I've ALWAYS  INDENDEDTO KILL RIGHT ABOUT ON MY 60TH BIRTHDAY will most likely live - nope, I can't kill him, because he HAS to live to be His Utmost For Our Highest. And he makes tons of folks very happy each and every day being the smiling idiot he became, or needed to be because I can't think of "Joshie" in any other way than how literally EXCITED my Mom was to even hear "ralphie" was even remembered, let alone that the fact that I had the "gift" of a lifetime, to pay off some of my shitty asshole daddy's bills - which I had no idea she was still holding



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