Chicken-Shit Assholes who can't be honest and up front about what they want should go home. 

All of you.

Any idiot who insists the Divine is anything other than love is a fool.

There is only one thing. 

And it's made of love.

Anything that exists here other than love is made by man for our own torture experience. 

Rinse and repeat.

For all of eternity.

In love.

Powerful 'Women in the Workplace" who hate the real "Women in the Workplace" should be kicked in the cunt and fired.

I'm the same kind of close friend with you as I am with every person I talk to.

But I'm tailored to each person I know when I'm with them. 

Don't take it personally.

I'm unfortunately an extreme empath, and I can't help myself.

Some humans misinterpret my friendship to the point of the extreme.

Yeah, I've been married, but I've still never even held hands with someone I like. 

I'm such a solitary human that if it doesn't somehow happen by magick, well, then, meh.

Extreme Alpha males are complete idiots who can't see past the end of their penis.


The worst part about being a father is that there's a piece of your tethered soul out in the somewhere in who knows what kind of trouble.

Married men who cheat on their wives with prostitutes make me sick. 

They are to me human filth, and have no value as a man.

I know too many awful cheaters like that.

It makes my soul hurt to hear them disrespect their wives in that way.